An Authentic African Braai Experience


Founded in 1997 Imbizo Shisanyama is South Africa’s most acclaimed African cuisine and braai restaurant that celebrates the authentic African culture, heritage and lifestyle. At our renowned BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama venue you will have the opportunity to enjoy Africa’s Ultimate Braai Experience, at a restaurant that has earned an enviable reputation over the years for its delicious authentic African and braai cuisine, quality service and a culture that emanates the true African identity.

The unique understanding of the authentic African culture and heritage which inspired the initial success of Imbizo Shisanyama continues to drive its success today. Remaining true to the great African identity, excellent service and a deep respect for their patrons is why many describe the restaurant as a hidden gem in Jozi.

BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama, our restaurant aligned venue, offers a wide variety of premium services for social and corporate dining, including:

  • Social functions
  • Special occasions
  • Corporate functions
  • Corporate Christmas or end-of-year functions
  • Brand activations or company promotional events
  • Company; product launches and media events
  • Team building functions

As the 2013 National Small Business Champion Imbizo Shisanyama today represents the realisation of an African dream inspired by the great African cuisine, culture and heritage. This is not just an ordinary brand, at an Imbizo Shisanyama venue patrons not only enjoy the delicious traditional Original African Braai cuisine, but the entire experience of celebrating the beautiful African heritage, culture and lifestyle that is steeped in years of history.  




The meaning behind the name: Imbizo Shisanyama

*Imbizo is taken from the isiZulu word biza, which means to call or summon or a gathering of people, and is usually a spectacular affair. Shisanyama is a colloquial word derived also from isiZulu meaning to braai or cook meat over an open flame. Essentially, at an Imbizo Shisanyama venue it’s about family and friends getting together to braai meat on an open fire in traditional African style, sharing special occasions and time together in an environment that exudes style, class and dignity