An Authentic African Experience


Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner is South Africa’s most acclaimed African cuisine restaurant celebrating the authentic African culture and heritage in an environment that clearly exudes style, class and dignity.  At Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner our patrons have opportunity to enjoy Africa’s Ultimate Braai Experience, at a restaurant that has earned an enviable reputation over the past 18 years for its delicious authentic African cuisine, quality service and a culture that emanates the true African identity.

One of our unique differentiators is that patrons not only enjoy the delicious traditional original African Braai cuisine, but the entire experience of celebrating the beautiful African heritage and lifestyle that is steeped in years of history and culture. The Imbizo Shisanyama experience is about celebrating special occasions with family and friends and creating great, long-lasting memories. The much-loved restaurant has become a second home to many local and international patrons and has become well recognised as the True Face of Shisanyama.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Youth Development

For the past 18 years Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner has supported the surrounding local community and has stimulated the growth and development of many local SMME businesses.  Today the flagship restaurant supports over a 100 families from the surrounding community and has directly fuelled the growth and development of over a dozen small businesses.

Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner Bursary Programme

As testimony of the company’s commitment to supporting youth development and mentorship, the Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner Bursary Programme was launched in 2012 and is designed to offer eager youth in the community the opportunity to pursue a career in the dynamic South African food, beverage and hospitality sector.

National Awards & Industry Recognition

As the 2013 National Small Business Champion and as the 1st Runner Up in the 2015 Africagrowth Institute SMME Awards Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner undoubtedly represents the realisation of an African dream inspired by the great African culture and heritage.