Historical Moments that have Shaped our Nation Today

South Africa is blessed with several special calendar days that recognise the heritage and history of our rainbow nation. We honour these special calendar days at Imbizo Shisanyama and celebrate the diversity of our nation while saluting the memories that shaped us into the country we are today.

Christmas Day - 25 December

Join us as we celebrate a truly African Christmas by bringing together the diversity of all our cultures under one roof. Let us join the proverbial hands this season of giving and be thankful for what we have survived in 2020.

New Year’s Eve – 31 December

While Christmas is a time for reflecting with loved ones, New Year’s is a celebration of our successes and eagerly anticipating the year to come. In Africa, with its melting pot of cultures and people, Imbizo Shisanyama recognises how it is our culture that unites us and provides us with the guiding light in the months ahead.

Valentine’s Day – 14 February

What better way to spend the day of love in the company of Imbizo Shisanyama as we host you and that special person in a uniquely African setting? Enjoy the ambience of our stylish venues as we spoil you and yours on the most romantic of calendar days.

Human Rights Day – 22 March

Commemorating arguably the most defining moment of South Africa’s history, Human Rights Day is about recognising the challenges of the past and celebrating the protection of all South Africans from any infringements on who they are. Imbizo Shisanyama understands what this day means and pays fitting tribute to it in our food and at our restaurants.

Freedom Day – 27 April

Come and celebrate South Africa’s freedom and commemorate the first truly democratic elections held in 1994 at Imbizo Shisanyama. We cater for the truly diverse cultures that make up this beautiful land and recognise the individuality of all our people.

Youth Day – 16 June

Another important day never to forget, Youth Day is celebrated with the dignity it deserves at all the Imbizo Shisanyama venues. But as much as it is about remembering, it is also about celebrating how far the country has come in given each of its cultures the platform to be recognised.

Mandela Day – 18 July

Not a holiday, but a day to honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela, spend your 67 minutes with Imbizo Shisanyama as we work together to honour the cultures of our country. Giving back to the community is something we feel passionate about. So, come in, roll up your sleeves and be part of how we celebrate our communities.

Women’s Day – 9 August

National Women’s Day commemorates the 1956 march of approximately 20 000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country’s pass laws. It is one of the most significant dates on our calendar and recognises the impact that women have had and continue to have on the growth and advancement of our country. 

Heritage Day – 24 September

For us at Imbizo Shisanyama, there is no public holiday in South Africa that better fits into our passion and commitment of celebrating the country’s diverse cultures than Heritage Day. In fact, many consider our celebrations the ultimate tribute to the diversity of this great country. From the food to the celebrities in attendance, the live entertainment and the choice of venue, at Imbizo Shisanyama we recognise Heritage Day in our own unique style.