Inaccurate Reporting on BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama
12 December 2017

Whilst Imbizo Shisanyama appreciates and welcomes national papers approaching us for stories about our establishment(s), we do not appreciate it when our request to confirm the written story before it goes to print is ignored.

Yesterday, during an interview with The New Age, Senzosakhe Mhlongo (Managing Director), requested the publication to avail the write-up to him for confirmation before publishing the article; further giving them his direct e-mail address.

As Imbizo Shisanyama we are highly disappointed that the publication elected to go straight to print without honouring their request, more so given that their story contains a material inaccuracy in their quote of how Mr. Mhlongo responded when he was asked whether he expected ANC delegates to come to their BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama establishment/venue during/after their conference in the coming weekend - given that it is taking place at the opposite side of town (i.e. the South of Johannesburg).

The publication’s reporting has made it seem as though our establishment has a particular political affiliation, whereas, BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama welcomes all individuals aligned with any political party or even apolitical. Mr. Mhlongo merely highlighted that he could affirm (and also commend) that the ruling party supports township economy, as he knows it as a matter of fact that from their senior people in leadership positions in government and local branches, to the normal members who come dressed in their colours, the party has given support to our township establishment regardless of the proximity of national or regional voting dates. As such, he informed The New Age that (a) if he were to rely on experience, he did indeed expect members to support and that (b) given that we have just been voted the best shisanyama by the public, he expected some members as they may likely want to experience “the best” and shall then be willing to drive across town to achieve this.

Also, Mr. Mhlongo did not say that the Minister of Finance and his spokesperson frequent BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama; but highlighted them having been at the famous venue for lunch (as the Minister had already posted on social media) as an illustration of the aforementioned support by members of the political party. Imbizo Shisanyama takes the privacy of patrons seriously, regardless of their fame and/or social standing. It is due to this appreciation of privacy that we are sensitive of the images of patrons we post online.

In order to illustrate the extent of the misinformation The New Age’s inaccuracy is likely to yield: in the past couple of years, out of the four big banks, Imbizo Shisanyama can state as a matter of fact that they have enjoyed notable and significant support of their corporate and year-end functions from Standard Bank and ABSA branches/employees. Nonetheless, It would be highly inaccurate to then report that BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama is the stronghold of Standard Bank or ABSA.


Notwithstanding the above-mentioned disappointment,  It must be noted that the journalist in question of the concerned story was contacted, and did extend an apology for the inaccuracy, along with a promise of a re-write. We appreciate the apology; as an organisation ourselves we understand that there is no entity on earth that is infallible.