Corporate and Social Dining Services


The unique understanding of the authentic African culture and heritage which inspired the initial success of Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner continues to drive its success today. Remaining to true to the great African identity, excellent service and a deep respect for their patrons is why many describe the restaurant as a hidden gem in Jozi. 

Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner offers a wide variety of premium services for social and corporate dining, including:
  • Social functions
  • Special occasions
  • Corporate functions
  • Corporate Christmas or end-of-year functions
  • Brand activations or company promotional events
  • Company; product launches and media events
  • Team building functions

Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, our dedicated team has the skills, experience and passion to create memorable private and corporate functions and events that promise a truly authentic African experience. We are passionate about creating great, lasting memories for all our patrons in a setting that clearly exudes style, class and dignity!